Laughter for

Corporate Wellness & Corporate Wellbeing

Boosting staff and corporate wellbeing and maintaining health, happiness & fun team building activities in the workplace can feel like a tough challenge.

Laughter for

Corporate Wellbeing

Boosting staff wellbeing and maintaining health and happiness in the workplace can feel like a tough challenge.

As a business leader, how can you get your staff moving & incorporate a better corporate wellbeing environment and implement fun team building activities?

Including any corporate wellbeing activities is all very well, but will it be something your staff actually enjoy?

We offer a unique corporate wellness & corporate wellbeing experience one which will leave your employees energised and feeling super productive.

Combining movement, mindfulness and an irresistible sense of fun.

Each session allows participants to step out of their comfort zones, connect with their peers, and enjoy the benefits of exercise.mcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Dynamic Sessions

Our short, dynamic sessions for corporate organisations can be held on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis - whatever suits you and your business.

What’s laughter yoga?

From its humble beginnings in a Mumbai park and a class of five people, Laughter Yoga has proven that giggling is a global language and it’s taken the wellness world by storm.

Our sessions use techniques developed through Laughter yoga; a unique way to improve your mental health and have a lot of fun in the process.

Designed to be practiced in groups, sessions combine deep yogic breathing techniques and playful laughter exercises. Simulated laughter soon turns genuine in an infectious atmosphere of childlike fun, empathy and connection.

Based on the principle that our bodies benefit from laughing and allow us to reap the psychological and physiological rewards of a good belly laugh.

How will your business benefit?

Apart from promoting health and happiness in the workplace, Laughter Yoga enables wide-spread benefits across your business.

Did you know that laughing releases endorphins? These hard-working little hormones put us in a great mood, helps increase our energy levels and helps us function better.  

Laughter & productivity go hand in hand.  When you laugh you are happy, and when you are happy you are more productive.

Stress has a direct, knock-on effect on our health and immune systems. Less stress enables stronger immune systems; which in turn means a healthier staff and fewer sick days.

It won’t surprise you to learn that combining laughter and team building helps to bring people together and strengthen teams. 

When we laugh in groups there is a sense of togetherness which can help to create a great work place environment.    

Nurture new or existing relationships within your company through laughter, exercise, and empathy.

Stepping out of our comfort zones can be tough, but the satisfaction of getting stuck-in has lasting effects on our self-esteem. Promoting confidence in ourselves and our teams can revitalise staff performance.

Apart from boosting energy levels, endorphins released during laughter change our perception of the world for the better, boosting the mood and improving workplace satisfaction.

Laughter is a great cardiovascular workout and can exercise several muscles simultaneously in the body, including the abdomen, chest and your facial muscles.

Laughter is a great fun way to exercise while having the added benefits of working your mind & soul.

Got the giggles yet?

If you’re interested in learning more, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

Sessions are tailored to individual business needs but tend to last between 15-30 minutes, so you can easily arrange sessions in a lunch hour or first thing in the morning.

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