My journey to Laughter4Life

My journey to laughter yoga began in 2014. Like many stories of self-discovery, mine began when I was at a low ebb.

I was struggling to find direction in my career – I’d tried farming and later trained as a firefighter, but I wasn’t happy. A love of exercise and good nutrition led me to becoming qualified as a personal trainer, which I enjoyed a great deal.

All seemed to be going well until 2016, when a significant relationship ended, and I was hit with a huge wave of anxiety and depression. I became hell-bent on improving myself so I could restore the relationship; what I didn’t know was that this path would lead me somewhere far more interesting.

From “wallflower” to wellness advocate

I became a voracious consumer of all things self-help, from books to podcasts to meeting people who had similar struggles with mental health. One of my biggest fears at that time was public speaking, so of course I decided to join Toastmasters; it turns out I actually love speaking to large groups and really connecting with an audience!

While scouting for places to practice my public speaking, I stumbled upon the Cirencester Sun & Moon festival. I went along in the summer of 2018 and was really taken by the atmosphere of learning and genuine fun.

After a weekend of genuine laughter, connection, and positive energy, I knew I had found my calling

There was plenty going on across the festival, but the most intriguing session by far was Laughter Yoga. Without knowing what I was in for, I found myself swept up in the movement and energy of the class and by the end I was on a real high.

As I was leaving, the woman leading the class tapped me on the shoulder and suggested I might have a flair for Laughter Yoga. The thought stuck with me, and a few months later I signed up for a weekend training workshop. 

After two days full of genuine laughter, connection and positive energy, I knew I’d found my calling. It wasn’t long until I’d incorporated the principles of Laughter Yoga into my business.

Bringing laughter into the workplace

I began by introducing laughter yoga to nursing homes, which soon proved to be a big hit with residents. Ran alongside gentle exercise classes, the laughter yoga helped residents stay physically, mentally and emotionally well.

And it wasn’t just the residents who were feeling the benefits. Through daily practise, I started to notice huge changes in myself; fewer sick days, more motivation, and personal productivity through the roof.

If laughter yoga can get my energy levels sky-rocketing, I wondered, what could it do for other working people?

I wanted to help busy people find their flow and – for that 15 minute session – let things fall into place

I began offering laughter yoga as wellbeing sessions for businesses alongside event warm-ups (from conferences to live television audiences), helping busy people take a few minutes to let laughter in, find their flow, and – for those 15 minutes at least – let things fall into place.

Because as I discovered for myself, most of us are just searching for ways to feel good.

Laughter yoga gives you the excuse to create a great mood and to embrace it, so if the rest of the day doesn’t go our way we can shrug it off with a smile.

In 2020 Laughter4Life was born with the sole purpose of bringing my laughter and joy to people’s lives. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how to boost wellness or break the ice, let’s talk about how Laughter4Life can help you.

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