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Taking corporate wellness & Conference warmups seriously with a unique sense of humour


to Laughter 4 Life

Taking corporate wellness & Conference warmups seriously with a unique sense of humour

What is laughter yoga?

We practise Laughter Yoga, a revolutionary way for businesses to promote fitness, good mental health, and connection – all while having a laugh.

Based on the proven theory that Laughter benefits our bodies physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Laughter lets us reap the psychological and physiological rewards of a good belly laugh.

Our sessions are designed for the corporate environment; they work brilliantly as a conference warm-up to break the ice, or as regular in-office sessions to promote wellness in the workplace.

Sessions tend to last 15-30 minutes which combine mindful movement, yogic breathing techniques and playful laughter exercises.

Got the giggles yet?

Learn more about Laughter Yoga or talk to us about setting up a taster session today.

a little more about me

Hi, my name’s James.

I’m a Laughter Yoga specialist and founder of Laughter4Life; a Stafford-based company  introducing the benefits of Laughter Yoga into workplaces and corporate events as a warmup.

For me, discovering Laughter Yoga was like being let in on a really good joke; I just knew I had to share it. Laughter Yoga combines movement and mindfulness with the psychological and physiological benefits of a good belly laugh. My favourite thing about leading a class is seeing people step out of their comfort zones and connect with each other – it’s hard to keep a stiff upper-lip when you’re doubled over with laughter.

Like many people, my journey hasn’t been straightforward. After earning a degree in Chemistry, I worked for a number of years on my family’s farm. Searching for job satisfaction led me to becoming a firefighter in 2011, and although I enjoyed the challenge, something was still missing.

I’ve always been passionate about health and wellbeing and in 2012 I qualified as Personal Trainer and nutritionist, and later as a Reiki practitioner and advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator. At the end of 2017 I established Lifetime Fitness for Mind, Body & Spirit, helping my clients reach their mental, physical and spiritual best.  In 2018 I had my first sample of Laughter Yoga and came out on a half day high.  In 2019 I qualified as a Laughter Yoga leader and since then its gone from strength to strength with radio interviews and soon to be on TV.  In 2020 Laughter4Life was born bringing joy, laughter and fun to the people of the world.

Considering my fascination with the intersection of mental and physical health, it’s no wonder I was drawn to Laughter Yoga. I was hooked from the first belly laugh, and now I help corporate organisations get the giggles to enjoy the same benefits.